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Google Analytics for Beginners

Google Analytics. What the heck? “Do I even need any of this?” You may have already convinced yourself after a quick look, that you don’t need an iota of this.

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But we are here to tell you that Google Analtyics is actually seriously cool and once you know your way around a bit, it won’t take long before you are a pro.

Okay, so what is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free digital tracking tool that collects all kinds of information about the user activity on your website.

You can find out all kinds of information about your users and what they are looking for. As well as things like how old they are, where they live, what device they are using, what OS they prefer and what time of day most people are on your site.

You can see what pages they look at, how long they look at pages on your website and how they found you in the first place.

All totally legal and no, it doesn’t make you a creep. You get to hang out with your customers and find out what they want you to know, without even meeting them!

You don’t need to be a technical reports guru to get this information and you don’t need to venture very far into the details to find anything either. It is all right there on the surface. 

Okay, but why do I need to know any of this?

Let’s say you are a locksmith with a business in Timaru. You service the entire Mid Canterbury region but lately, you have not had many inquiries from your website. When previously you had quite a few.

You have a quick check-in with your Google Analytics account and see that you have had 500 visitors to your website in the past week. 450 of those visitors accessed your website on their mobile phone and almost 100% of them left your website when they got to your contact page.

After a quick chat with your website developer, it came to light that the contact page on your website with your contact details and inquiry form was not optimized for mobile. So visitors using a mobile phone could not see the information on the page and left the website. 

So your web developer got stuck in and optimised the contact page for mobile which cleared the blockage and suddenly the inquiries flow through again. Success!

Google Analytics can give you a snapshot or an in-depth look at what is working on your website, what advertising campaigns have been successful and all other kinds of information you can use to enhance the user’s experience and streamline your marketing spend. 

Resulting in more money coming in and less being wasted on expensive advertising campaigns that don’t bring you results. 

You can study the patterns of your customer’s behaviour and get to know them, what they like and what they want without leaving your desk. Amazing right?

If this all sounds very interesting but you would just like to skip to the part where you get a cool report about the fun stuff, we can totally do that for you.

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