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How to Get Out Of Your Business Funk and Cope with COVID Anxiety

Feeling unmotivated and getting into unproductive habits in your business?

Don’t worry, these are normal parts of your business ebb and flow as well as a normal response to COVID anxiety. When you are feeling uninspired and like nothing is working anymore, there are things you can do to reboot your business soul. If you work for yourself, your inner fire can be your biggest driving focus, but when the flames are a flicker, it can be your biggest downfall.

We have all had days where we start all fired up but by mid-morning we are on our 4th quiz about what our star sign would be if we were plants. (I’m a Bromeliad just in case you wanted to know.) And the next thing you know, quizzes morph into double tea breaks, trips outside to water the plants/check on the washing/the wind/ the weather. And productivity packs its bags and heads out the door with that runner that just went past you while you were standing outside measuring the wind.

1. Identify Why You Are Procrastinating

Everybody procrastinates, those in the know say it is a much-needed space to rest, touch sides and then bounce back with fresh ideas. But if you are like the rest of us mortals, procrastination is a slippery slope and once we start, it can be hard to stop. So the 1st step to getting out of your funk is to identify why you are procrastinating.

  • Are you putting off a task because you said yes to something you feel unsure of or can’t manage?
  • Are you bogged down in admin and time-consuming tasks?
  • Have you lost your focus and forgotten what it is that you do all of this for?
  • Do you have something going on in your personal life that is taking over your work life?
  • Are you simply exhausted?

Once you have identified what it is that is making you a professional wind checker, that is half the battle won. It will make it easier to identify the next time you slide into old ways and stop yourself before it becomes a habit.

2. Make a Kick-Ass To-Do List

Make a kick-ass list of everything that you have been putting off and put everything else on hold until you tick every single one of them off.

Once you have everything that is bothering you down on a list, you have a much clearer picture of what is going on and most of the time it isn’t even half as bad as you thought!

Tackle each item on the list in order, don’t skip to the easy ones – that is just another way to procrastinate.  Slash through those admin tasks, even better, outsource them! If you are trying to do everything yourself, it will quickly weigh you down. Outsource all of the tasks you can and work on the things you want to do.

Once that list is done and dusted, tear it up and you will feel a bit sense of relief. After all of that it wasn’t as bad as you thought, was it?

3. Clear the Clutter

Clutter is a Killer, no doubt about it. It kills motivation, dreams and weighs you down in ways you never even thought possible. Don’t’ think clutter is part of the problem? How much of your desk can you see right now?


Even creatives need a clutter-free space to work in if you are working in a chaotic space under piles of everything it affects you emotionally and creates things like funks. How can you do your best work, let alone any work when your space is a mess?

Here is our foolproof recipe for rekindling your love of work flame.

  1. Move everything off of your desk.
  2. Clean it ruthlessly.
  3. Put back 5 things you need.
  4. Take away 2 of them.
  5. Add a plant.
  6. Repeat every week.

When you don’t have anything weighing you down, like overdue tasks that become bigger in your head the longer you attempt to ignore them, you become free.  

When you are more aware of your habit-forming behaviour and practice the discipline to recognise the rabbit hotels and stay away from them, you become strong.

When you purposely create a workspace for you to thrive in, you become inspired.

3 simple things that you can do to de-funk your love of work. And the best part is that actually doing them wasn’t as hard as you thought!

What are your go-to remedies for work funks?

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