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Noble 600 Bar and Restaurant

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About Noble 600 Bar and Restaurant

The Ashburton Club and MSA were established in the Ashburton Arcade in 1885 as a gentleman’s club, eventually moving to its current location in 1920.

During the prohibition in the early 1900s, the Ashburton Club was one of the few places legally allowed to continue to sell alcohol, as they were listed as a Working Men’s Club and not a bar.

The name Noble 600 is a nod to the new modern restaurant and the 600 founding MSA members from the 1800s.

Book in with your friends and family for a meal, or join them for your special occasion, private function or conference.

Grab your mates and join them for their ever-popular Tuesday night quiz night with great prizes – everyone is welcome.

  • FREE venue hire for functions and conferences
  • 10% off for all MSA Club Members
  • Their kitchen proudly caters for all dietary types including coeliac, vegan and gluten-free
  • Kids welcome

Visit their fantastic new Supersonic website here.


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