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Wheels Week

Project Lowdown

Template Used: Ultra

Completed Website: Wheels Week Plus

Package: Standard 4 page Supersonic Site with the addition of 2 extra pages.

About Wheels Week

Wheels Week started as an annual tourism event hosted by the Ashburton District Council in 1990 created to bring visitors to the district.

The event was an immediate hit and 32 years later, even with many challenges around COVID and cancellations, the event continues on from strength to strength.

Some of the first events from the original week are still being held and enjoyed today, as the programme continues to attract new exciting participants from all over the district.

Many of the original event sponsors continue to be involved and support Wheels Week since it began with some of them even taking part and competing in individual items such as motorcycle shows and runs, car shows and racing lineups like the street sprints.

Wheels Week Plus is a must-visit event for any wheels enthusiast.

Visit their fantastic Supersonic website here and keep up to date with future events and club activities throughout the year.


This website was proudly built for Wheels Week by the Supersonic Team.

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