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The Finishing Company

The Finishing Company is an award-winning decorating company in Ashburton. The Supersonic Team were stoked to build them their first ever website. Check it out.

Wheels Week

Wheels Week Plus is an iconic wheels festival in Ashburton that is packed with exciting events for the whole family. The Cool Cats at Supersonic built them their 1st ever website, check it out here.

Rally Point

Get ready to hustle for the muscle! The Supersonic team was so stoked to build this brand new website for Rally Point mobile fitness in Mid Canterbury. Check out their classes, timetable and their new website here.

The Top 3 Things Your Customers Want to Find on Your Website

It doesn’t matter how beautiful or how expensive your website is, how professional your images are or who created your videos. If your website is lacking in essential elements, your customers are not going to hang around for more. So before you do anything else, read about the Top 3 Things your Customers want to Find on your Website.

How to Get Out Of Your Business Funk and Cope with COVID Anxiety

Confession Time: Has your level of procrastination taken over your level of productivity? Are you struggling with COVID anxiety? How much can you really see of your desk? Do you even work there anymore or has it become like that chair at home we call Washing Mountain? We have all been there in a work and life funk., morale is low, inspiration even lower. If the urge to go outside and check if the birds have enough food or if that pot plant is really the right place is higher than the urge to sit down and crushing your to-do list. Then you need to read this.

Essential File Types: A Quick Reference Guide

Have you ever tried to give your designer a Publisher file? Or mentioned that you may have designed something in MS Word? Keep your designers spirits up and use this essential file types guide to help you navigate the terminology.

Future Proof your Business with a Website

Covid-19 was a massive global shock to people and businesses everywhere and everyone had to think fast on their feet to keep their doors open. Going forward, the big question remains - how can we future proof our livelihoods and their chance of future survival?

I don’t need a website, I use social media to run my business

Running your business on social media? Have you thought about who really owns your social media store or even your business? You may be surprised to discover that it’s not you. When the rules change overnight you run the very real possibility of being locked out from your audience, clients and customers. We can help you make sure that doesn’t happen.

Dealing with Negative Comments on Social Media

Social media is the playground of the keyboard crusader and it is only a matter of time before you are on the receiving end of a negative comment. We help you navigate it with a positive spin to come out on top.
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